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Innovative development of executives under the motto “Run your business”

Thomas Lindenhofer

September saw the beginning of the fifth round of stage one of the voestalpine internal leadership training course “value:program” under the motto “Run your business"

Innovative development of executives under the motto “Run your business”The target group of this stage are employees who have no or very little leadership experience or who have been tasked with management duties with regard to project, process, and technical responsibility. This year’s participants come from 14 countries (including India, China, and Brazil) so that the international character of the voestalpine Group can be experienced first hand. Within the course of the next year, these 88 future executives will form a professional network that spans half the globe and that offers enormous potential for each individual both personally and professionally.

As the name “Run your business” suggests, the content is very closely oriented toward everyday business practice. In addition to classic topics, such as leadership, strategy, project management, finances, communications, and change management, the participants will develop concrete ideas that will advance voestalpine in the future. These ideas will be collected within the scope of “open space” and “idea factory” sessions, will be assessed by a jury of in-house decision makers, and will then be presented to one of the members of the Management Board.

According to Ernst Balla, who heads Group-wide Management Development, the most important factors of the leadership training course are: “The outstanding cooperation between the participants and the bond that develops between them are great advantages of the value:program. However, we will also be looking to confront our future managers very concretely with tasks and problems that are closely connected to everyday business because the various strengths, competencies, and experience that the individual participants bring to the table generate exciting and promising ideas for the Group.”


Thomas Lindenhofer

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