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Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

This was the motto at the beginning of October when a total of 34 participants of the voestalpine leadership program (value:program) assembled for the second part of their training, this time in Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. The participants came from Austria, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, China, Slovenia, England, South Africa, and Taiwan.

value:programOver 10 days the participants were required to work together in a variety of settings, supporting one another with numerous issues. Case studies from the participants’ own companies were addressed, ideas for new business opportunities and strategies developed, and new solution processes evolved and examined. Figures and balancing, project management, and the successful support of change processes were also core subjects of the course. In the framework of the seminar on Strategic Management, René Killinger (voestalpine Group development) and Josef Lamplmayr (Managing Director of the voestalpine Polynorm Metals Group) offered valuable insights into the various levels involved in developing strategies.

"The international nature and diversity of the participant group create an exciting framework for the intensive training program."
Corporate Human Resources

A popular part of the program was the visit to voestalpine Polynorm in Bunschoten. After being welcomed by Managing Director Hans Vorstenbosch, the interested participants were led through the Dutch production plant which manufactures primarily for the automotive industry.

"“The participants in this training block already knew each other from the first 10 day block of the 20-day training program, and their delight on meeting up again was apparent! It was also fascinating to see how the spirit they’d already developed during the first block was rekindled and lived on during the second part. The group atmosphere was also great and the motivation to learn very high. Combined with our top trainers and course contents, this resulted in an exceptional mix of learning, networking, internationality, sustainability, and, last but not least, fun!"
Anja Priewasser, Stage Manager
Christopher Eberl

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