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How technology changes our work: Linda Li

Christopher Eberl
Christopher Eberl is editorially responsible for the topics on the blog as well as for the apprentice website. With his stories he provides deep insights into the diverse world of the voestalpine Group.

As a technology and capital goods company, we are actively helping shape our future. We asked our colleagues around the world how technological developments have improved our daily work over the years. It seems technology has long been integrated into our daily lives and its positive effects are appreciated – as you can read here in the first responses and opinions.

Linda Li is Finance Manager at voestalpine Precision Strip Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China. She keeps track of everything related to bookkeeping, manages budgets, and creates reports that are used by management as the basis for decisions that can affect the future of the company. For Ms. Li, digital communication and information processing are the main things that have made her working life simpler and more efficient.

What are the technological aspects of your work?

In my area, digitalization plays a primary role. Our communication has changed because of the internet, of course: we work with email and instant messaging. We use Excel for our bookkeeping, inventory management and analysis. An SAP application is used as an enterprise resource planning system (ERP system), which supports all of the ongoing business processes in the company. In addition, we use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the position of freight.

Has the use of technology changed over the past few years?

Only a few companies were using SAP systems 20 years ago and Microsoft Office offers many more functions than it did then. In the last 10 years, GPS has also become increasingly popular in China for civilian use as well – that is, for logistics purposes, as is the case for us.

How do you think the use of technologies in your area change and develop over the next few years?

The more we use ERP systems, the more efficiently we can work, since we can provide more detailed and up-to-date data as a basis for management decisions.

Christopher Eberl

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