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High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

Christopher Eberl
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Five participants from four continents! The voestalpine High Mobility Pool is more international than ever.

The High Mobility Pool program is designed to give university graduates with a few years’ work experience two years in which to gain valuable experience by being involved in projects in a series of voestalpine companies around the world. Since January 2015, five new participants from five countries have been in action on behalf of voestalpine.

High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

Xi Limin (China), Tokur Pinar (Turkey), Hassan Maged (Greece/Egypt), Pinedo Renata (Mexico) & Araujo Otávio (Brazil).

In line with the internationalization strategy

After focusing on Europe in 2011, the search for mobile high-potentials has widened geographically. In accordance with the Group’s internationalization strategy, we greeted four participants from three different continents to the High Mobility Pool program in 2013. The new and current generation of participants were selected with the close cooperation and support of local Group companies in Brazil, China, Europe and North America. Finally, the managing directors, managers and HR managers from the divisions chose the new participants in a multistage selection process.

Insights into several companies

The international development program offers participants the chance to apply their skills whilst contributing to international projects over a period of two years, giving them an inside view of the workings of the voestalpine Group. A project generally lasts between 4 to 6 months, so that ideally each participant will undertake four different projects in four different companies.

"The goal of the High Mobility Pool is to create a win-win situation for all involved: the program participants get to know the voestalpine Group in more depth by working on a variety of projects, local companies profit from having additional input from valuable personnel during the project period, and the program offers the opportunity not only to exchange ideas and experiences but to leverage on synergies."
Uta Stockbauer, Corporate Human Resources, voestalpine AG

An important part of the program is giving participants the chance to regularly exchange experiences during “reunion meetings”. These are supplemented by training and professional development courses.

Blogging HMPs

Participants in the High Mobility Pool 2015 will be writing about their impressions and experiences in a series of blog posts. You can read more from January 2016!

Christopher Eberl

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