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First Young Professionals Training Program in China

Christopher Eberl
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In 2015, voestalpine started its own training program in China. This unique training program is the first of its type at the country level.

In line with Group strategy, voestalpine is continually expanding internationally. The focus of growth is on Asia, and especially the future market of China. In China alone, the voestalpine Group currently has 24 sites and companies and some 1,230 employees. Four of the ten new voestalpine plants planned for 2020 have recently started up operation in China.

First Young Professionals Training Program in China Training program in 3 modules

The 38 program participants came from almost all the companies in China. This innovative training program for Chinese employees covered three main areas. The Module 1 was all about the voestalpine Group: the participants learned about the organizational structure, the products, and the markets in China and around the world. The Module 2 was dedicated to communication and presentation skills—taking into account cultural differences and idiosyncrasies.

The Module 3 (the last module) provided targeted training to acquire necessary specialist knowledge and also sales and project management skills. All modules included joint teambuilding activities and tours of the company where the training took place. The participants themselves actively steered part of the program, which greatly supported the exchange of specialist knowledge.

Goal of the training program

The goal of this training program was for Chinese employees to learn even more about the voestalpine Group, to improve their specialist skills through targeted training, and to profit from reciprocal sharing of experiences.

"The participants actively participated in the program. They were very motivated and enthusiastic and learned a great deal from each other and from the coaches and experts. Our Chinese colleagues contributed greatly to conceiving and implementing this first country-level program. "
Uta Stockbauer, Corporate Human Resources, voestalpine AG


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