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Customized training program at Villares Metals in Brazil

Christopher Eberl
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With a training program customized for young adults, Villares Metals in Sumaré, Brazil, is laying the groundwork for training highly qualified skilled workers in house, setting a benchmark in the region.

Two years ago, Villares Metals – a voestalpine subsidiary of the High Performance Metals Division—launched its customized training program called “Aprendiz Formare”. This initiative began with the support of the Fundação Iochpe foundation and aims to prepare young adults for their careers with theoretical and practical skills.

Customized training program at Villares Metals in Brazil

“Formare” meets wide interest

Armin Wuzella, Managing Director of Villares Metals, took part in a panel discussion on November 7 in São Paulo where his expertise on the subject of training young people was required. This event was devoted to the topic “Technical training—what can we learn from Austria and Switzerland?” and highlighted the experiences from apprentice training programs in Austria and Switzerland, along with the potential for application in Brazil.

"The program is attractive to all participants, and the training of qualified new skilled workers is critical for our company. The discussion confirmed that we are on the right path with the combination of theoretical training by qualified practitioners and practical experience in the production area. "
Armin Wuzella, Managing Director of Villares Metals

Recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education

Program participants range from 18 to 21 years of age and receive customized on-the-job training. The training program and the “machine tool operator” used at Villares Metals are officially recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. Around 70 employees of Villares Metals are involved as voluntary trainers who teach theoretical and practical skills to program participants. The exchange between the different generations is enriching for everyone involved and forms the foundation for success.

Customized training program at Villares Metals in Brazil

1,200 hours to a successful career

Interest in the Aprendiz Formare training program is huge—since late 2015, shortly before the first generation began, over 1,000 young adults have applied to participate. The program lasts a total of ten months and focuses on imparting skills like metrology and technical drawing, metals science and engineering, work safety, business organization, quality, mathematics and logistics. The prospective skilled worker spends 400 hours in theoretical training and 800 hours directly in the production area where the skills learned can be applied. In the total 1,200 hours, the young people learn their craft and are well trained for their upcoming careers.


Christopher Eberl

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