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Cultural differences between China and Europe

Michael Leithinger

Kevin Hu, voestalpine Precision Strip Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, talks about the cultural differences between China and Europe.

slider_shanghaiWhat does one need to consider to be successful in China?

Kevin Hu: China is incredibly dynamic; the changes are rapid. If you want to be successful here you have to keep a cool head, set a long-range goal and then focus on it.

What are the biggest differences in comparison with Europe?

China operates differently. When it comes to production, Europeans look more at the technology and quality, while the Chinese place greater importance on cutting costs – which sometimes harms the quality. These are two different worlds.

But both worlds also profit from each other …

Naturally! China has huge market potential and production capacities.The Chinese are more willing to try new technologies and products; Europeans are more cautious here. Europe has advanced technologies that can be more quickly applied in China. By transferring new technologies to China and setting up local production there, the technologies can be applied more quickly and new markets can be conquered – this is exactly what we at voestalpine Profilform (China) are doing.

How are you doing with the development of new markets?

Up to now we have been highly successful. We are setting up long-term partnerships with both our steel suppliers and our customers. Our concept is not only to sell our products, but also to be involved in the development phase: This calls for partnerships with our customers and with our affiliated companies in voestalpine as well. Within Suzhou alone we are working closely with two other voestalpine companies: voestalpine Welding Technology (China) Co., Ltd. and voestalpine Precision Strip Trading (Suzhou) Co., Ltd..


Kevin Hu
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The latest video for the 2014 voestalpine image and brand campaign revolves around the special sections produced in Suzhou (China) for commercial vehicles. An ongoing blog series offers further insight and background information about the product, the areas of application and the market as well as about Kevin Hu, the principle figure of the campaign.


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