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Application management and recruiting during COVID-19

Christopher Eberl
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In March, and now again in November, the voestalpine Group acted quickly, largely converting to teleworking wherever possible. Our employees are performing exceptionally well as they work from home, especially the recruiting team at voestalpine Personal Services GmbH. Applications continue to be processed to the usual high standards.

Employee health is a clear priority at voestalpine, and consequently voestalpine Personal Services GmbH in Linz has also largely converted to teleworking wherever possible.

Guaranteed availability

This organizational change is having no impact on the application process itself, or the usual quality of recruiting, although, due to the challenging operating environment, the possibility of occasional delays cannot be excluded. However, the recruiting team are guaranteed to be always available via telephone.

Application management and recruiting during COVID-19

Ill. The application process remains unaffected.

Interviews, particularly initial interviews, cannot currently be held in their usual format, and so are increasingly being conducted in the form of video and telephone interviews. The colleagues at voestalpine Personal Services are an experienced and efficient team. Your query or application will always be given the attention it deserves.

Health & safety take priority: we’re prepared!

Meeting to talk in person is, of course, a crucial part of the application process, especially during the later phases. However, right from the start we treat you like an employee, which means we always prioritize your health. For that reason, strict safety precautions are taken for every in-person meeting. We will provide you with a face mask if necessary and will also erect a plexiglas wall in order to guarantee the highest possible level of protection during face-to-face discussions.

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