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9th steelChallenge

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World Championship in steel making starts on 19 November 2014. Teams are tasked to produce a grade of steel meeting technical requirements at the lowest total cost.

Each November since 2005, worldsteel runs a Virtual Steelmaking Challenge using one or more of the processing simulations available on the website www.steeluniversity.org  Participants in the Challenge compete to produce a new grade of steel specially designed for the event. Each individual or team may make an unlimited number of attempts to achieve the given specification at lowest total cost. The Challenges run for a 24-hour period and attract people from all over the world. On 19 November 2014​ the first round of 9th steelChallenge will take place. The steelChallenge is intended for:

  • Students
  • Employees that have less than 5 years experience in the steel industry.

The first round is the regional championship with teams competing in one of four regions. The regions are:

  • North and South America (orange)
  • Europe, CIS, Africa and Middle East (green)
  • Asia and Oceania excluding China (blue), and
  • China (red).











A winning student and industry team will be identified in each of the four regions. The eight Regional Champions will be invited to Brussels on 11 February 2015, to compete in the World Championship round. The teams will be challenged to complete a steel manufacturing simulation and the winning student and industry teams will be declared World Champions.

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Christopher Eberl

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