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60 Communications Managers at #MaComDay2016 in Linz

Christopher Eberl
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At this year’s voestalpine MaCom Day on October 5 and 6, around 60 communications managers from all around the world came to Linz. The event included a number of interesting presentations and workshops which allowed the visitors to gain insights into the communications activities and examples of best practice in the voestalpine group.

On October 6, voestalpine CEO Wolfgang Eder welcomed around 60 marketing and communications managers from the voestalpine group and highlighted the importance of communications and the increasing internationalization of the voestalpine brand.  The shift in the company’s image from being an Austrian business to being a global technology and capital goods group can only be achieved jointly by carrying out intense, goal-oriented communications activities. The voestalpine group is consistently driving its internationalization as part of the Strategy 2020.

#voestalpineteam worldwide

Peter Felsbach, Head of Group Communications & Group Spokesperson, started the MaCom Day with a keynote speech about the international communications activities and tasks of voestalpine. At the end, there was an outlook into the future and towards the challenges that will be overcome together as the #voestalpineteam.

"These days, the requirements of the field of communications are very diverse and have to be viewed from an international perspective. We need to work together as the #voestalpineteam if we are to successfully face our future challenges and to strengthen the voestalpine brand around the world."
ZitatPeter Felsbach, Head of Group Communications & Spokesperson, voestalpine AG

Stephanie Bauer, who is responsible for online and social media management at voestalpine AG also held a keynote speech and offered insights into the communications strategy 2020 and the newsroom process. A discussion panel with all four MaCom managers of voestalpine’s divisions, Ursula Müller (Special Steel), Anja Poschauko (Metal Engineering), Anita Gufler (Metal Forming) and Matthias Pastl (Steel), illustrated the communications activities of the voestalpine companies operating globally. Shaloun Wiesseneder, organizer of the MaCom Day and MaCom coordinator, guided everyone through the entire day and supervised the workshops during the afternoon.

Exchange of Ideas and Networking

In five different workshops, such as for example “Digital Communications” or “Onboarding Communications” various topics were discussed and the participants came up with solutions to recurring issues, which were then presented at the end. The MaCom Day 2016 and the evening event on the day before allowed for many opportunities to get to know one another and to exchange ideas on a professional level. Both days showed that much more can be achieved in the future, when working together as the #voestalpineteam.

Christopher Eberl

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