voestalpine is once again the industry’s most attractive employer 1 minute spent reading

voestalpine is once again the industry’s most attractive employer

Christopher Eberl
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The results of the Universum Global survey of a total of 20,000 participants ranked voestalpine first in the Industrial Metals and Mining category again this year.

voestalpine ist erneut attraktivster Arbeitgeber der BrancheMuch to voestalpine’s pleasure, the study showed that amongst Engineering/IT students the Group came in sixth place, while those studying the Natural Sciences ranked it eleventh. voestalpine was also very popular amongst those with professional experience: it was ranked fourth by Engineering/IT professionals, and ninth amongst Business/Commerce professionals.

Significant employer study

Austria’s largest talent study of 20,000 people, which includes 12,000 students, is conducted annually by Universum Global. All those surveyed were questioned about their current career plans and preferred employers, and were able to state the factors they regarded as most important when judging the attractiveness of an employer.

Christopher Eberl

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