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Environmental management from the lab

Christopher Eberl
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Sandra Grienberger helped finance her studies with holiday jobs at voestalpine. Today she is responsible for water and wastewater analysis in the Technical Service, Testing and Analytics department.

sandra-grienberger-1“Environmental policy has a lot to do with sustainability and voestalpine takes its corporate responsibility in this area very seriously,” reports Grienberger who has a doctorate in chemistry. She sees herself as an environmental manager. She and her six employees monitor all the wastewater and groundwater at the voestalpine Linz location.

Developed expertise

Sandra Grienberger studied Technical Chemistry in Linz and has continued to develop her knowledge during her career at voestalpine. She completed internships in the company during her studies and then continued to work for the company on a freelance basis—at her own request, because it was the best way to reconcile job and family at the time. She has been permanently employed since 2002 and has held management positions since 2016. She was happy to assume technical responsibility for water protection: “I like the subject. It is always interesting and exciting for me.”

Stringent requirements

sandra-grienbergerDay-to-day business is filled with stringent official requirements that define the parameters for monitoring the water. “The authorities’ threshold limits are often adjusted. We have to respond quickly and flexibly.”

Sandra Grienberger is pleased that companies are now also more aware of environmental concerns and are happy to seek advice from her department: “They appreciate having environmental managers directly in the company. They appreciate our technical know-how, our knowledge of the production processes and our ability to respond quickly.”

“Yes, we want to be pioneers.”

Seeking dialog with authorities, acting in an exemplary manner, cooperating with the environmental department, working meticulously—Sandra Grienberger knows how to put corporate environmental responsibility into practice. She sees voestalpine as a pioneer in this area.

"The entire voestalpine Technical Service, Testing and Analytics department is constantly striving to stay up-to-date, and to speed up and simplify processes."
Sandra Grienberger

In addition to daily routines and documentation obligations, she and her team are constantly working on developing new methods to be able to offer new analyses.

Christopher Eberl

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