Test technician with a passion for aerospace 3 minutes spent reading

Test technician with a passion for aerospace

Christopher Eberl
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In aerospace, the top priority is always the safety and quality of the produced parts. At voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace in Kapfenberg, Marion S. sharp eye and fluorescent magnetic particle inspection ensure that products have flawless surfaces.

Performance without compromise is voestalpine’s motto when producing aerospace parts. In the High Performance Metals Division, voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace in Kapfenberg is the company that is one hundred percent dedicated to this demanding customer segment. Due to the high safety standards in aviation, quality inspection is a particularly sensitive process. That is why Marion S. keeps a close eye on quality in Kapfenberg.

Marion S., test technician at voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace in Kapfenberg

Precisely tested

Marion’s job revolves around surface inspection, but that process is anything but perfunctory. Thanks to the fluorescent agent, UV lamp, and Marion’s trained eye, no crack in the highly stress-resistant special steel forgings goes unfound. “First, I mount the part in the fixture and wet it with flux. Then electric current is applied and I inspect the surface for cracks under the UV lamp,” explains Marion. Any surface defects within the narrow tolerance range are corrected and then the part is inspected again. This process ensures that the components are free of cracks and have a perfect surface finish. Marion inspects between 30 and 100 parts per day, within time windows that are precisely specified by regulations and standards.

Knowledge for the future

The Kapfenberg native has also closely scrutinized her choice of careers and it passed with flying colors. Her father also worked at voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace. She had a chance to check out the company herself when she was a teenager and ultimately decided on the materials technology apprenticeship with a focus on materials testing and heat treatment. Marion S. has been part of the voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace team since 2015 and has never regretted her decision. “When I think about it, there is actually nothing I don’t like about my job. We are a really cool team, and many of my colleagues are also my friends,” she says. Today, Marion not only applies her knowledge and experience in her day-to-day work, she also actively passes it on to apprentices, who enjoy looking over her shoulder in daily operations.

Marion S., test technician at voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace in Kapfenberg


Before starting work, Marion S. likes to sharpen her scrutinizing eye with a strong cup of coffee and a long walk with her dog Meex. The American Staffordshire Terrier is currently going through puberty and keeps Marion on her toes. The 23-year-old also uses her skills in her private life. She has a special passion for cars of all kinds and enjoys working on them herself. When she is not at a car show, Marion can often be found hiking with her four-legged companion. From time to time, she gets to enjoy the end result of her work when she flies on a plane to a vacation destination. Once on board, she switches from inspection mode to well-deserved relaxation mode and enjoys the peace of flying with voestalpine parts on board.

Christopher Eberl

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