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Passionate about Digital Marketing

Christopher Eberl
Christopher Eberl is editorially responsible for the topics on the blog as well as for the apprentice website. With his stories he provides deep insights into the diverse world of the voestalpine Group.

André Cavalcante speaks many languages. Including the language of marketing. The trained industrial designer is driving the marketing of additively manufactured parts in the High Performance Metals Division.

A traditional postal letter arrives at André Cavalcante’s office in the voestalpine High Performance Metals B.V. building in Amsterdam. But even though the industrial designer with an Austrian passport and 13 years of business-to-business experi- ence is physically based in the Netherlands, he is actually active all over the world. As a marketing specialist, Cavalcante spends around 70% of his long working hours on digital marketing for the High Performance Metals Division’s Central Europe sales region. Since April 2020, the rest of his time has been dedicated to global marketing of the division’s additive manufacturing (AM) range. Cavalcante benefits enormously from his exceptionally diverse language skills. He is fluent in seven languages and understands another 15 fairly well.

André Cavalcante in a digital self-portrait.

Communicative Multitasking.

Cavalcante uses his similarly diversified marketing expertise to work through a long and extremely varied list of tasks. He is responsible for the strategy and implementation of global marketing for additively manufac- tured parts. He takes it down to the next level by preparing marketing plans together with the AM business developers and marketing people in the individual regions.
Cavalcante is also responsible for the content of the different High Performance Metals Division AM websites. These include the global website and special sites for the German, French, Spanish, and Polish markets. The last form of professional online communications is periodic e-mails that Cavalcante prepares using the division-wide software tools Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

Achived a lot on a small budget.

In the social media jungle, additive manufacturing marketing focuses on a LinkedIn account that Cavalcante keeps up to date with regular postings.
Other than “sponsored content,” which is paid content and ads that the marketer places on LinkedIn and Google, online marketing costs are low thanks to Cavalcante’s versatility.
“Digital marketing is extremely efficient and even with a moder- ate budget we’ve been able to achieve a lot together,” says the resourceful communicator, who is pleased with what he
has accomplished so far. Since April, he has not only launched the various online presences, but also case studies and brochures. What especially motivates him these days is marketing AM parts for toolmaking and oil and gas production. “We have already been able to convince customers of the advantages of additive manufacturing. Now we are building up a good network within the Group to drive business regionally and locally.”

Christopher Eberl

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