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Reunion meeting as an anchor

Limin Xi

The High Mobility Pool, an international trainee program for people with some years of work experience, aims to support the voestalpine internationalization strategy. Our international members will report about their lives and experiences at voestalpine. We will start with Xi Limin from China, who describes the specifics of the reunion meeting.

Having been in the High Mobility Pool for almost a year now, I’m getting more and more used to a question raised by my curious friends and MBA classmates: What is the best part of the program? The answer is not so obvious for someone whose job has been increasingly whetting his appetite for more: Working with new people all the time? Doing new projects every few months? Being challenged in new industries and markets? As fantastic as all these things are, what I enjoy with all my heart is something that mixes the “new” and the “old”, the intense and the relaxing, friendship and profession—the reunion meeting.

What is a reunion meeting?

A reunion meeting is a catch-up gathering in a park with a view of the Danube; a reunion meeting is a discussion about global businesses and politics over dinner; a reunion meeting is a few laughs at each other’s most awkward moments on a project, which we dig up after a few drinks in a bar.

"The reunion meeting is like an anchor to me. It allows me to temporarily pull myself back from a totally new environment, even a mess sometimes, to a safe and familiar atmosphere where I can refresh, rethink and refuel myself and then sail again."
Xi Limin, High Mobility Pool participant

We are doing it together!

But if you think the reunion meeting is all about relaxing and fun, you are only right about the “fun” part. We are having fun when we sit across the table and try to tear each other apart for a real negotiation case in the training; we are having fun when we try to pick the perfect words and use the right gestures for a presentation in the communication training; we are having fun when we are struggling to get 6 sigma Green Belt certification in four days – and nights; we are having fun when we try to pick up the physiotherapist’s exercises on how to deal with our “high mobility pool” lives. We have fun learning and exchanging. We learn more about our projects, about each other and about ourselves in the reunion meetings: Most importantly, we are doing it together!

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