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New challenge found at voestalpine

Xingxie Wu

It's our employees who make voestalpine Group what it is: all kinds of people, a potpourri of personalities, mentalities and cultures. The High Mobility Pool, an international trainee program for people with some years of work experience, aims to support the voestalpine internationalization strategy. Our international members will report about their lives and experiences at voestalpine. We will start with Xingxie Wu from China.

Although I was born in Shanghai and have been living in the city for more than 25 years, I don’t think I am a typical Shanghai lady. I would rather have a colorful life all over the world than live and work conventionally at home. I would rather have more experience and possibilities than a safe, but boring life. That’s why I quit working for the government and joined voestalpine as a participant in the High Mobility Pool. The program gives me the opportunity to rotate through all the divisions and functions worldwide. That’s definitely attractive for me.

"I began my career at voestalpine in China with a market study on high-strength steel for voestalpine Anarbeitung in Linz. It was a nice starting point – perfectly tailored for me, because I did not have any idea about the steel industry before."
Xingxie Wu, High Mobility Pool

Therefore, I took advantage of the opportunity to acquire a basic understanding of the steel industry. I still have two more projects to go. So far, I don’t have any idea what kind of projects I will be assigned next year, but that is the exciting part – always keeping options open. I hope the projects will be as diversified as possible so that I will gain a deeper self-awareness of my personality and natural abilities. That happens to be my life goal, too.

Xingxie Wu
Bereich: voestalpine AG
Im Unternehmen seit: January 2013
Ausbildung: Fudan University - Study of Economics (MBA)

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