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Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

The High Mobility Pool, an international trainee program for people with some years of work experience, aims to support the voestalpine internationalization strategy. Here is an overview what kind of projects members are working on.

One year into the project numerous projects have been worked on by the team of the High Mobility Pool all over the world.

Variety of topics

The variety of topics is high and demands lots of flexibility from the members. One day you may be required to analyze material gaps and stock or optimize the supply chain in production driven environments. The next project may see one do market analysis in unexplored regions. Or deal with organizational challenges due to restructuring or investment activities. So far our team members have travelled to all continents and covered countries such as Netherlands, Germany, USA, Mexico, China, UAE, South Africa and Austria.

High Mobility Pool: The Generation 2015

High Mobility Pool: The Generation 2015

Developing new skills

In every project it is essential to do extensive project planning to ensure that the objectives are met within the limited time frame. Regular communication with the project owners during status meetings ensures to stay on track. The network of other voestalpine Group companies already established in a market may add valuable support.

"The exposure to diverse projects provides many opportunities to grow and develop one’s skill set, not only by working at different locations, but also in different functions, industries and Group companies."
High Mobility Pool member
Christopher Eberl

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