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Mobility: the exciting part of the program

Pinar Tokur

The High Mobility Pool, an international trainee program for professionals with a few years of work experience, is designed to support the voestalpine internationalization strategy. Our international members will report about their lives and experiences working at voestalpine. Tokur Pinar from Turkey talks about the exciting part of the program: Mobility.

My name is Pinar. I come from Istanbul, Turkey, and spent 30 years of my life in that great city. However, wishing to develop professionally and realize my dream of moving to another country, I decided to study for an MBA and took the first step by moving to Spain. After finishing my MBA program I discovered the voestalpine High Mobility Pool program and thought, “that’s the dream job for me!”

"A job that offers professional and personal development, together with the unique experience of living and working for different companies, in different positions, and travelling around the globe for two years."
Tokur Pinar, Participant of the High Mobility Pool Program

Gaining new experiences

My first project was with voestalpine Polynorm in the Netherlands, and the second took me to the voestalpine Steel Divison in Austria. Soon I will be heading off to Atlanta to start working on my latest project, at voestalpine Automotive Body Parts in the USA. During the year on the program so far I’ve worked with great people, learned from each of them, and enjoyed lots of new experiences. On the personal side, it was a chance to become familiar with different cultures, and I’ve started learning new languages, made lots of new friends, and travelled as much as I can.

High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

Naturally, there are also challenging aspects to being so mobile, such as being away from your loved ones, having to say goodbye with each move, fitting your life into a single suitcase, and being ready to move on to the next adventure. But that’s the exciting part of it, the chance to collect great memories and experiences, and being open to new ones. I’m looking forward to the rest of the High Mobility Pool program!

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