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Learning about the internships at Villares in Brazil

Andrea Zajicek

From theory to practice - discovering how what is taught at university is put into practice, applying knowledge, and understanding how a company functions – all these are the goals of the internship.

Villares PraktikumThe internship program at Villares Metals makes all this possible, whilst stimulating interest amongst talented students on a variety of degree programs both for the company and for up to 2 years’ work experience in a wide range of departments.

The program is based on the following pillars:

  • Work and study goes hand in hand, ensuring theory is always supplemented by practice.
  • The internship is organized on a part-time model; the internees work for 6 hours each day from Monday to Friday, spending the remaining time on their (part-time) degree course.
  • Each internee spends up to 2 years at the company, guaranteeing that they acquire in-depth knowledge and extensive experience.
  • As well as working in a particular department, the internship also includes wide-ranging lectures, training courses, and seminars on specialist and personal topics.

Students on all types of degree program are eligible to apply for the Villares Metals internship program; many internees are studying engineering, communications, or finance.

"The internship is playing a major role in my professional and personal development, allowing me to put the ideas I learn into practice. I also enjoy communication with colleagues and the fact that I can learn a lot about steel plant technology and operations."
Barbara Mafra, a materials technology student and internee in the research and development department
"Getting a complete overview of the routine in my department is particularly gainful for me, as well as the opportunity to take sole responsibility for smaller projects. That’s a challenge and one I enjoy. It also helps me in making decisions about my future choice of career. The internship is the first important step on my career path."
Amanda Duarte, advertising and marketing student in the marketing department
"Working at Villares teaches me about many aspects of professional life, technical knowledge as well as interpersonal issues. Without doubt, the most important aspect is learning about the organization, an experience which I am sure to use often during my career."
John Artero, international business student and internee in the finance department

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