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Intercultural exchange

José Samuel Ramirez Torres

In his third blog article our international "high mobility pool" member, José Samuel Ramirez Torres from Mexico, talks about the importance of intercultural exchange.

Ramirez High Mobility Pool

“High mobility pool” member, José Samuel Ramirez Torres from Mexico

So far, one of the most exciting aspects of the High Mobility Pool is the chance we have to deal with people from other countries and cultures. At the beginning of each project this can be a challenging situation because we are directly involved in projects with people we have not worked with before, for this reason I have personally learned that having an open minded attitude is crucial for an optimal performance within this traineeship program, not only for achieving the goals of the projects but also for developing good interpersonal relationships within the company. It is a challenging situation because intercultural difference can be a positive or a negative aspect during the performance of our projects.

For this reason it is important to take every possible chance to talk with people, even if it is an informal talk, and learn more about them, about their opinions and points of view. Being part of an intercultural team allows us to have more creative solutions, enhance our experiences and have a better understanding of the global market.

When it comes to handling personal life during our projects within the High Mobility Pool can be a challenging situation, however it is not impossible. Being appointed in another country can be exhausting for a personal relationship because of the distance; however, until now I have had the chance to balance my personal and professional life in a good manner as the location of my projects is not too remote from where my family and friends are as I have mainly worked for my projects in Austria and Germany.

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