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Developing a good network

José Samuel Ramirez Torres

In his last blog article our international "high mobility pool" member, José Samuel Ramirez Torres from Mexico, talks about how he managed language and cultural challenges.

Ramirez High Mobility PoolWhile working on our projects we are constantly facing challenging situations, some of them greater than others and – still, the objective is to keep the situation under control and react properly.

New language as a challenge

When I think about challenging business situations during my first two projects within the High Mobility Pool a couple of examples come to my mind, however, the first challenge I encountered in my project within the voestalpine Stamptec in Germany was working completely in German. Fairly speaking, I was not prepared to start working from one moment to the other completely in German and especially when it comes to very specific and technical topics.

"I was facing a whole new world of terms and expressions I was not familiar with, however, instead of being consumed by the frustration I became aware of the circumstances and came up with a list of possible solutions to the situation."
ZitatJosé Samuel Ramirez Torres, member of the high mobility pool


The most convenient and productive solution I came up with was putting an extra effort on understanding the environment, the topic and the vocabulary used by the colleagues as well as practicing every single day and ask for the help and cooperation of the project team. With the constant training and daily activities I have already overcome that obstacle and now I have more confidence within my project.


Developing a good network

When it comes to another project within the Metal Forming Division I often had to travel to Germany to attend meetings with the local project team. This can be a quite challenging situation, mostly because of the physical effort. On the other hand, having direct contacts is an optimal way to increase the know-how exchange within the companies involved in the project, increase the sense of importance of the results among the project team as well as developing a good network within the company.

José Samuel Ramirez Torres

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