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Balancing family life

Christopher Eberl
Holds editorial responsibility for career topics and for the apprentice website. His stories offer insights into the world of work at voestalpine.

The High Mobility Pool, an international trainee program for professionals with a few years of work experience, is designed to support the voestalpine internationalization strategy. Our international members Otávio Araujo (Brazil) and Renata Pinedo (Mexico) talk in the first part of the interview about the assessment center and their lives apart their families.

Participants in our international High Mobility Pool program will report on our Corporate Blog about their lives and experiences working in the voestalpine Group. An overview of all articles concerning the High Mobility Pool program can be found here.

High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

High Mobility Pool: Generation 2015

What were your first thoughts after the assessment center and after being chosen for the High Mobility Pool program?

pinedo-renataRenata Pinedo: After the assessment center, I came out feeling extremely tired but proud of myself. I knew I had done my best and now I only had to wait for a decision. I received the call when I was at the airport waiting for my flight back home. I had many feelings at once. I felt proud, excited, and also scared about how much my life would change. For the 10 hours my flight lasted to go back home, I wondered who the other members of the pool would be and if we would become friends during this journey together.

"I felt proud, excited, and also scared about how much my life would change."
Renata Pinedo, participant in the High Mobility Pool program


aurajo-otavioOtávio Araujo : I was particularly curious to know who my new colleagues were, given that I didn’t have the chance to really talk to them during the assessment center and had no idea about their personalities. All I knew was that they would be living a life very similar to mine for the next two years, and if they were willing to take on this challenge, then we already had something in common. When we finally met in Linz for the initial training, I was pleasantly surprised to find that we had more in common than I thought despite the fact that we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. We quickly got along together, exchanging plans, experiences, and good laughs.


What were your first concerns about balancing your family life with a “mobile career”?

Otávio Araujo : My wife and I took the conscientious decision to apply to the program knowing from the beginning that if accepted the logistics would be tough for our family life during the two years. But for us, the professional and personal experience to be gained was a lifetime opportunity and far outweighed the logistical difficulties. Now that I have accepted the challenge, I can say that there are no regrets. Certainly I had to fly a few extra miles to meet her occasionally before she could join me at my first location, and sadly some family events were missed, but we have experienced a huge array of great moments and experiences that cannot be forgotten.

"The professional and personal experience to be gained was a lifetime opportunity and far outweighed the logistical difficulties. "
Otávio Aurajo, participant of the High Mobility Pool Program


Renata Pinedo: I initially applied to the program because it seemed like a dream opportunity. I had no concrete expectations and never imagined that I would end up being chosen. When I was chosen, I knew I wouldn’t find a more fulfilling career opportunity, but I was also concerned as to what the effects would be on my long-term relationship with my boyfriend. In the end, he was very supportive of me taking the leap and has continued to be so throughout this whole experience. It has been difficult to balance, but in the end we make it work with a lot of effort, patience, traveling to meet each other, and a whole lot of Skype.

Christopher Eberl

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