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Katharina Becker
Katharina works as a freelance journalist in Frankfurt am Main, specializing in economic and financial topics.
David Croft
David Croft is a Sky Sports TV broadcaster. He is currently the lead commentator for Sky’s Formula One coverage and a freelance journalist for the Corporate Blog.
Michael Csoklich
Journalist, commentator, moderator, editor, lateral thinker, aviation specialist. Until the end of 2014 head of the ORF radio business editorial department, 2015 to 2018 head of the course for business journalism at the Danube University Krems, freelance journalist for Aviation Net Online and the Kleine Zeitung.
Gerald Enzinger
10 years as editor-in-chief at SportWoche, and working as a journalist at racetracks around the world for 20 years. Writes in Austria for media outlets including Autorevue,, and the Kleine Zeitung.
Volkmar Held
As a freelance writer, Volkmar Held reports for voestalpine on topics that move people. The content of his stories ranges from archaeometallurgy to future technologies.
Anne Kammerzelt
Anne works and lives as free project manager and journalist in Berlin.
Björn Lüdtke
Freelance journalist and editor
Marion Vicenta Payr
Marion Vicenta Payr is a photographer, instagramer and travel blogger. She is known as @ladyvenom, since 2016 she is self-employed and advises companies on influencer marketing and social media.
Timo Völker
Timo Völker is head of the motorsports section at "Die Presse", a daily newspaper in Austria.