We support our customers as a full service partner from development through to series production. With our innovative skills and many years of industry experience, we support our customers by answering questions on feasibility and providing material expertise and a professional design team from the very start.

Our in-house operating material and prototype construction teams will provide technical support throughout the entire production process.

Our portfolio ranges from simple to highly complex assemblies that can be manufactured in small batches or as part of a high-volume production process. Our surface coating – the cathodic dip coating – guarantees the product quality and service life of components with special requirements for corrosion resistance (such as oil sumps or battery boxes). 

We specialize in lightweight vehicle components for demanding applications that meet future mobility requirements. We grow with our customers and continue to specialize our knowledge with the aim of always being one step ahead.

In-house expertise

Lightweight constructions: We specialize in the lightweight constructions of all relevant components for the automotive industry. We work with innovative semi-finished products and production processes that have been developed by the voestalpine group of companies. These highly innovative production processes enable us to consistently implement high requirements relating to the service life, component stability, as well as flexible component geometries and innovative design solutions. Thanks to the latest technical equipment, a range of 160 t to 3000 t pressing tools and the voestalpine phs-ultraform® and compacore® processes, we are able to produce small and large series of components highly accurately and efficiently. With many years of specialist knowledge of the entire production process, we are an international leader when it comes to the forming of high and ultra high-strength steel grades and provide competent services with materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, and injection-molded plastics.

Surface coating: At our site in Schmölln, Germany, we are using the cathodic dip coating to produce components with special requirements for corrosion and acid resistance. The components include battery boxes and oil sumps, as well as components in the splash area. At the same time, we are also working with pre-coated semi-finished products that have been developed by material experts in the voestalpine group of companies and are specifically tailored to certain component conditions. The compacore® and phs-ultraform® processes are two production processes implemented by the Metal Forming Division that incorporate our combined material and processing skills.

Range of services: We specialize in complex assemblies, crash management systems, gearbox and engine parts, as well as oil sumps and battery boxes. We rely on an entire range of competences provided by our in-house experts from component design, tool construction, project and quality management, through to the pilot series, efficient series operation, and the supply of spare parts. Having the entire range of skills under one roof guarantees short processing paths and a high degree of efficiency.

Key processes

  • Raw material competences
  • Assemblies and systems in all established joining processes
  • Development and design support
  • Project and quality management in all process steps
  • Prototype production and pilot series
  • Tool construction complete and accurate in-house

  • Series production for large and small quantities
  • Surface treatment
  • Spare part service 
  • Logistic concepts customized, flexible, and just-in-time