Germany and Austria have a long history of offering combined study programs. As the name suggests, the program is split into two areas – theory and practice – thus equipping young people with basic and specialist knowledge to practise a profession. Combined programs are available as part of an apprenticeship and as a study program in cooperation with universities offering a dual course of studies.

A dual study program with fixed teaching materials, a defined schedule, and regular aptitude tests offers numerous advantages for apprentices and the employer. One of the advantages is that every apprentice receives the same comprehensive and professional training. This ensures that everyone is provided with the same training and that graduates have the same employment opportunities.

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Our locations in Romania and the USA have gained first-hand experience of combined study programs, as neither of these countries have a combined study system that is comparable to German and Austrian standards. However, both voestalpine Automotive Components locations have been inspired by the German and Austrian formats and have implemented innovative and customized solutions.