Being able to start at a company in 2014 that only had 10 employees and to achieve what we have within the last years is an incredible experience. As the HR Administrator I have seen growth of not only myself but of everyone that I work with. I started at the company when there was not much implemented for HR and created job profiles, training programs etc. with the help of my colleagues. HR is an important aspect of any company as we are the link between management and the workforce. I have received training and development throughout my career; the support received from our General Manager has assisted in my growth. My colleagues have so much knowledge and experience to share that I have been able to learn valuable information from them. For new employees entering we may be a small plant in South Africa but we are capable of big things and we have big dreams for our future here. Our individual successes will carry the company for years to come and as a collective we are able to achieve anything!

Aqeelah Brandt, HR Administrator