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  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill
  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill
  • Wire Rod Rolling Mill
Another step has been taken.

Production has started in the world’s most advanced wire rod rolling mill.

For the time being, construction of the world’s most advanced wire rod rolling mill in Donawitz, Austria marks the culmination of this strategy – optimizing the supply chain, sustainable energy use and an ergonomic working environment tailored to our employees. Production is scheduled to start in 2016. We are investing to ensure you stay that vital step ahead in the future.

We’ve done great things

Our vision becomes a reality

The wire rod rolling mill sets new standards in the industry. It illustrates our passion for technology and enables us to continue working for progress every day. Uncompromising quality and optimised cooperation made the implementation of this unique project possible – these criteria are prioritised by all levels of voestalpine employees distinguishing their work. Now we’ve actually done it and are going into production – and it’s something we always firmly believed we‘d achieve from the outset. It’s great that our commitment has been acknowledged in this way.

Manfred Strecher, General Manager Sales

Our commitment has paid off

Spring 2016 is a special time for us. It signifies the confirmation of our commitment and our efforts of the past months, and it proves that motivation, dedication and the will to succeed are worthwhile. During this period, the first billet will be rolled in trial operation – in the most advanced wire rod rolling mill worldwide. By upholding our ambitious schedule, we have remained one step ahead.

Gunter Korp, Project Manager and General Manager