• Power generation
    Leading supplier in the field of power generation for decades. We support you in improving plant effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Oil & gas
    Welding consumables for the complete value chain of oil and gas production, processing and transportation
  • Pipeline
    Quality assurance, more than 150,000 km of onshore and offshore pipelines layed
  • Chemical
    Competence in welding consumables for highly corrosive, high pressure and elevated temperature applications
  • Maintenance & repair
    Reduce maintenance cost and extend equipment service life through advanced M&R welding and hardfacing solutions
  • Brazing industries
    Fontargen Brazing is our specialist brand with a comprehensive portfolio for soldering and brazing
Böhler Welding

Lasting Connections

Over 2000 joint welding filler metals now united in a world-wide unique product portfolio
UTP Maintenance

Tailor-Made Protectivity

Innovative and tailored filler metals for repair, wear and surface protection applications are now offered in a comprehensive solution portfolio
Fontargen Brazing

In-depth Know-how

Brazing knowledge gained from countless application challenges, is provided on the basis of high performance brazing filler metals engineered in Germany.