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As a globally active supplier in the field of joint welding, Böhler Welding offers its customers the best solutions and products for stainless steels. Stainless steel welding is a complex mix of metallurgy, chemistry, geometry and aesthetics. Knowledge and skill are essential in achieving optimum properties and surface finishes.

Our extensive research and development activities are closely attuned to the needs and wishes expressed by customers worldwide. The pooling of expertise enables us to give the best possible advice on the selection of stainless steels, welding consumables and methods.

A major element in this has been the development of covered electrodes, solid wires, flux-cored wires and fluxes for high-alloyed steels and specific applications. Complementing the above, the product range also includes cleaning and pickling products for stainless steels.

MMA welding is suitable for almost all weldable stainless steels and a broad range of applications. Characterized by great flexibility in all welding positions, MMA is widely employed for primary fabrication, on-site work and repair welding. The electrodes used for MMA are characterized by the coatings on the electrodes, which can be of several different types.

Electrodes offered by Böhler Welding are produced with a range of special coatings for different applications with focus on optimizing efficiency and weld metal quality in each application. They are named according to the chemical composition of the coatings. The coatings of Böhler Welding’s electrodes fall into three groups: basic electrodes, rutile electrodes and rutile-acid electrodes. Depending on the type of coating used, the electrodes have different welding characteristics and produce different weld metal properties.

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Stick electrodes for stainless steel

Stick electrodes for stainless steel: Duplex

Stick electrodes for stainless steel: Super Duplex

Stick electrodes for stainless steel: heat resistant

TIG welding is characterized by high quality weld metal deposits, great precision, superior surfaces and excellent strength. It is widely used in tube and pipe welding (wall thickness from 0.3 mm upwards).

Böhler Welding consumables for Austenitic Stainless Steel with controlled Ferrite Content – for example the BÖHLER AWS type 308L and 316L welding consumables with a controlled weld metal ferrite content – are designed to produce first class welds with reliable CVN impact toughness and lateral expansion at cryogenic temperatures. The consumables enable fabricators to meet engineering and end user specifications. Typical applications are found in LNG processing, storage and transportation equipment, as well as other constructions for cryogenic service.

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For high-alloyed base materials, precise alloy adjustments ensure high quality welds with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Our state-of-the-art production technology and internal quality control - exceeding the high standards of the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality system - ensure outstanding and consistent product quality to our customers and partners – every time.

Böhler Welding flux-cored wires offer a productive and versatile alternative for the welding of stainless steel. The range consists of all-positional types with fast-freezing slag enabling superior deposition rates and downhand types with slow-freezing slag optimized for flat and horizontal PA (1G/1F), PB (2F) welding with a high travel speed.

Find here more information about Flux- and Metal-cored Wires (FCAW / MCAW)

Submerged arc welding (SAW) uses a metallic filler metal (wire) and a non-metallic consumable, the welding flux. Böhler Welding offers a vast range of filler materials for submerged arc welding. The product range comprises over 120 wire/flux combinations covering all types of stainless steel. They are fully developed in-house and are manufactured in our specialized production unit in Hamm, Germany.

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MIG/MAG is a high productivity, economical welding method well-suited to continuous welding sequences. It can be used in both manual and automatic welding. Welding wires from Böhler Welding can be supplied in special volume packaging in the form of round and octagonal drums with filling contents from 250 up to 500 kg, depending on wire type and diameter.

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For over 90 years we have worked closely with leading producers of stainless steel. We know how to keep steels stainless. The products are applied and work in a way that introduces no mechanical damage that can weaken the protective layer of the stainless steel. All our products are well-known, easy to use and have established an impeccable reputation. Start using them now and be absolutely confident that they will solve your problem and restore the surface and return your stainless steel to its original lustrous look, feel and finish.

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Stainless steel is often chosen because of its beautiful finish, long life and minimal maintenance needs, but even stainless steel can be stained over time by dirt, oil, grease, paint and rust. With a regular maintenance program you can prevent discoloring and staining. This preserves the shine, feeling and overall impression of stainless steel.



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