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Rundnahtschweißen von Pumpen- und Armaturengehäusen

Success Story

Die Anforderung des Kunden war: Steigerung der Produktivität durch eine geeignete Automatisierung. Durch die Umstellung von Lichtbogenhandschweißen auf das UP-Verfahren wurde die Produktivität um ein Vielfaches gesteigert.

Seamless metal cored wire improving welding speed for SAW of water wall steels

Success Story | France

For the fabrication of grade 1 (16Mo3) water wall panels voestalpine Böhler Welding successfully qualified a welding procedure specification for submerged arc welding using Union MV Mo S / UV 305 seamless metal cored wire flux combination together with our customers and approved by the notified body (TÜV).


Fabrication welding of coke drums

Success Story | India

Spring 2017, ISGEC Hitachi Zosen Ltd. in India achieved a milestone with the delivery of two coke drums from their Dahej construction site to the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. refinery in Haldia in the state of West Bengal.


Essc cladding of alloy 825

Success Story | Spain

Felguera Caldereria Pesada (FCP) in Gijon is part of the Duro Felguera Group and specializes in the manufacture of (turnkey) equipment for the oil & gas sector. It is internationally well-known as an important fabricator of pressure vessels and reactors.


Fabrication welding of locomotive frames

Success Story | India

General Electric India received a letter of award from the Indian Ministry of Railways for the supply and maintenance of 1000 diesel locomotives of their Evolution Series. BÖHLER HL 51 T-MC metal-cored wire was selected as primary filler material for welding the locomotive bogies.


No Solar Energy without Polysilicon

Success Story | Netherlands

Verolme® Special Equipment (VSE), is an important supplier of reactors for the polysilicon sector which produces the raw material for the solar and electronics industry worldwide. The thick-walled reactor shells are welded with the hot wire GTAW process using UTP A 2133 Mn welding wire which has an optimized chemical composition and an ultra-clean surface finish optimized for this process


Worldwide success with customized manufacturing

Success Story | Switzerland

Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG – Competence centre for flow measurement technology. The flow measurement appliances developed and produced by this Swiss company based in Reinach set the standard worldwide. voestalpine Böhler Welding is the ideal partner for its welding consumables.



成功案例 | St. Stefan




成功案例 | Wels

本公司可提供120000种产品,而产品线日益扩大。作为工具及拧紧技术领域的贸易企业,Kellner & Kunz为业界树立榜样,而在焊接材料领域,本公司数十年以来与奥钢联伯乐焊接保持密切的合作关系。此外,本公司为工业客户提供服务,总业绩的60%来自这一领域。这也是本公司在工业服务取得卓越成效的最佳例证。


Die beste Verbindung

Erfolgsgeschichte | Germany

Nur der Anbieter, der in seinem Markt als besonders kompetent, schnell und flexibel wahrgenommen wird, kann die wichtige Funktion als Schnittstelle zwischen Anwender und Hersteller dauerhaft erfüllen. Als Handelshaus und Dienstleister lebt DSL Schweißtechnik diese klare Philosophie. voestalpine Böhler Welding ist hierbei ein kongenialer Partner.



Success Story | Austria

Replacement of a penstock for the Kaprun pumped storage plant in Austria: 3 pipe segments with lengths of 2 meters were prefabricated in the workshop (2 seams SAW welded). On site, the installation was carried out using the TIG-hot wire process. The transmission line to the turbine has a length of 25 meters, and the bifurcator a length of 38 meters. The total length of the penstock, consisting of 4 lines, is 8.9 km, whereof 7.7 km are installed in the cavern.


Polskie LNG/Dalian LNG/Gorgon-Barrow Island LNG

Success Story | Poland/China/Australia

Components: 9% Ni Steel LNG-tanks


Jamnagar Refinery

Success Story | India

This FCC regenartor was the world’s heaviest FCC regenarator, approx. 1,200 MT, including internals


Mina-Al-Ahmadi Hydroprocessing Reactors

Success Story | Kuwait

22 hydrotreating and hydrocracking reactors up to 1450 MT in weight, each CrMo2 and CrMo 22V


Designs according to RCC-M code

Success Story | France/Finland/China/Brazil/South Korea

Components: reactor pressure vessel, reactor vessel internals, steam generator, piping, coolant pump, pressurizer


Westinghouse AP 1000®-design (according to ASME III) and Chinese CAP-1400-design

Success Story | China

Components: Reactor pressure vessel, steam generator, pressurizer, core make-up tank, accumulator, piping, pump casing, boron injection tank


Wikinger Windpark

Success Story | Denmark

Big – bigger – the biggest: The seamless flux cored wire from the Böhler Welding group was used for one of the most impressive offshore wind farms in history. Seventy wind turbines have been installed in the German Baltic Sea, making this the largest such project worldwide.


Francis Turbine Guri II

Success Story | Venezuela

The complete range of products for SMAW, GTAW, GMAW and SAW using Böhler Welding consumables means safe and trouble-free plant operation. Efficient welding solutions are provided with flux- and metal-cored wires. Numerous references for the construction of penstocks for pumped storage hydro power plants demonstrate our dedication to the hydropower industry. Penstocks and bifurcated pipes as high-tech components call for engineering expertise and first-class materials.


Pelton runner fabrication Andritz Hydro Switzerland

Success Story | Switzerland

For decades, Andritz Hydro in Switzerland have used Böhler 13/4-IG and 13/4 MC wire for the manufacturing of their pelton turbines. The speciality behind this process is the method with which they form the buckets on the wheel using pure weld metal.


South Korean Nuclear Power plants - Steam-Generators

Success Story | South Korea

- South Korean OPR 1000 design (according to ASME III): Shin-Kori 1&2, Shin-Wolsong 1&2, Ulchin 3&4, Yongwang 5&6, Ulchin 5&6
- South Korean APR-1400-design (according to ASME III): Shin Kori 3&4, Shin Ulchin 1


Sabine Pass Reverse Train Project

Success Story | USA

Components in a liquefaction train   


Liquid Ethylene Gas tanker construction

Success Story | China/Germany

Building of bilobe tanks in 5% Ni-steel.


A Report on Roller Arcing

Success Story | India

Extracting juice from sugar cane to make sugar involves squeezing shredded cane between large rotating rollers. Grooving of the cast iron roller surfaces and subsequent arcing of the teeth profile with globules of hard and highly durable metal improves juice extraction and prevents slippage of the shredded cane during crushing. voestalpine Böhler Welding is the reliable supplier of the welding metal used for arcing.



成功案例 | Vorarlberg




成功案例 | Ennsdorf bei Enns

各方面的快速行动是EISEN NEUMÜLLER的专长。这一充满活力的家族企业几年前才将焊接材料纳入产品线,而至今已属于奥钢联伯乐焊接在奥地利的主要经销伙伴。



成功案例 | Buchs

垃圾焚烧发电厂节约资源,并将废物转换为能源。这家优秀瑞士企业的总部位于布克斯(Buchs),其在本地生产的压力容器及机械元件为长期可持续的能源供应做出至关重要的贡献。其原因在于,这种设备的维修与保养是日立造船锅炉及管道施工股份公司(Hitachi Zosen KRB)的核心业务。在这一领域,奥钢联伯乐焊接是持久稳定的合作伙伴。



成功案例 | Graz, Vienna

ZULTNER——大型供应商及奥钢联伯乐焊接的白金伙伴 . 特殊钢、铝材、非铁金属、管道系统、钢结构系统、金属加工解决方案及必不可少的焊接技术——奥地利领先大型供应商Zultner公司的产品线规模相当可观,而其咨询服务同样周到全面。


RWE Power AG / BoA 2&3 in Neurath

Success Story | Germany

The two 1.100MW lignite-fired units (Block F and G), also known as BoA 2 and 3 (Braunkohlekraftwerk mit optimierter Anlagentechnik), were built in 2012 which is the most modern of its kind in the world. The new units were engineered and constructed by Alstom, Hitachi Power Europe and GEA and have a net efficiency of approx. 45%.