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Discover the ultimate range of seamless cored wires

10. Out 2017

We offer the broadest range of highest quality wires manufactured in Europe – from seamless tubular to the brand new laser sealed types - now united under one roof: Diamondspark.

Thank you for your visit at Schweissen & Schneiden 2017!

4. Out 2017

Thousands JOINED Global Applications Unlimited! Have a look at the impressions from the fair here!

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Drum Systems for Cost-Efficient Welding presented on Schweissen & Schneiden!

26. Set 2017

Wire Volume Systems for Cost-Efficient Welding. Welding wires from voestalpine Böhler Welding can be supplied in special volume packaging in the form of round, square and octagonal drums with filling contents from 100 up to 500 kg. Explore them on Schweißen & Schneiden 2017!

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The Future of Productivity presented on Schweissen & Schneiden: Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

19. Set 2017

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM):3D printing with the best-in-class wire alloys. Additive manufacturing – popularly known as 3D printing – is one of the most revolutionary new manufacturing methods of our time.

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New Application Technology Center in Hamm

14. Set 2017

voestalpine Böhler Welding invests in the future technology of welding in Hamm. For two million euros, we are building a center for application technology.

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JOIN and explore Live Demonstrations and other highlights on Schweißen and Schneiden!

12. Set 2017

Welcome to the endless world of welding and brazing applications. Convince yourself of our successful solutions for joining, repair, hardfacing and cladding and brazing in our live demonstrations.

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JOIN our Technical Conference at Schweißen & Schneiden!

5. Set 2017

We’re very delighted to be able to offer a comprehensive conference program as a supplement to the live demonstrations within the scope of this year’s Schweißen & Schneiden exhibition motto „Global Application Unlimited." Have a look at the technical conference program now!

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Join Global Applications Unlimited at Schweißen und Schneiden 2017

29. Ago 2017

Filler metal specialist voestalpine Böhler Welding, will present itself at Schweißen und Schneiden 2017 with the key message “Global Applications Unlimited”, to underline its orientation on customer applications worldwide and the high level of technical support it is capable to render.

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Stick electrodes for stainless steel: Super Duplex

22. Ago 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes. The best for the best. Super Duplex stick electrodes for stainless steel: Avesta 2507 P100, Avesta 2507 P100 Rutil.

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Stick electrodes for stainless steel: Duplex

15. Ago 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes. The best for the best. Duplex stick electrodes for stainless steel: Avesta 2205, Avesta 2205 Basic.

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Stick electrodes for stainless steel

8. Ago 2017

Böhler Welding stick electrodes. The best for the best. Stick electrodes for stainless steel: BÖHLER FOX EAS 2-A, BÖHLER FOX EAS 4 M-A, BÖHLER FOX EASN 25 M, BÖHLER FOX CN 20/25 M.

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Stick electrodes for creep resistant steel

1. Ago 2017

The most used stick electrodes for creep resistant steel are: BÖHLER FOX DCMS Kb, BÖHLER FOX CM 2 Kb, BÖHLER FOX CM 5 Kb, BÖHLER FOX C 9 MV, Thermanit MTS 3-LNi, Thermanit MTS 616-LNi

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Stick electrodes for high strength steel in pipeline welding: Basic Coating

18. Jul 2017

We supply any type of stick electrodes you may need and our electrodes are always easy to handle, with fine arc ignition and stability. BÖHLER FOX EV 70 Pipe, BÖHLER FOX BVD 85, BÖHLER FOX BVD 90.

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Stick electrodes for high strength steel in pipeline welding: Cellulosic Coating

11. Jul 2017

More than 100,000 km of pipelines have already been permanently connected with Böhler Welding stick electrodes. Explore BÖHLER FOX CEL 85 and BÖHLER FOX CEL 90.

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Stick electrodes for high strength steel

4. Jul 2017

Whereever and whatever you have to weld, Böhler Welding has the stick electrode for the job. Electrodes which are most commonly used for high strength steels: BÖHLER FOX EV 65, BÖHLER FOX EV 70, BÖHLER FOX EV 75, BÖHLER FOX EV 85, Phoenix SH Ni 2 K 90, Phoenix SH Ni 2 K 130

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Stick electrodes for unalloyed steel: Basic Coating

27. Jun 2017

No matter which electrode is required, you will find it at Böhler Welding. The most commonly used basic-coated electrodes for the welding of unalloyed steels are presented here: BÖHLER FOX EV 47, BÖHLER FOX EV 50, Phoenix 120 K

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Stick electrodes for unalloyed steel: Rutile Coating

20. Jun 2017

Böhler Welding provides electrodes for all types of steel. The most commonly used rutile-coated electrodes for the welding of unalloyed steels are presented here. BÖHLER FOX OHV, BÖHLER FOX ETI, BÖHLER FOX SPE.

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Explore the new selection guide for stick electrodes

13. Jun 2017

The best guide for the best electrodes. Böhler Welding has created a new selection guide for stick electrodes which is a very useful tool for our customers to find the best electrode.

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European classification: How stick electrodes are classified

6. Jun 2017

The EU’s EN classification system standardizes different products, including welding consumables. Most welding consumables are classified in accordance with an EN ISO standard.

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Let's Braze Together! Brazing basics, materials, solders, fluxes

30. Mai 2017

Explore our new Brazing booklet! Brazing what and how – a concise overview for you! This booklet offers brazing newcomers insight into the world of brazing and its terms. It is also a compact reference guide for brazing experts, letting them quickly see which brazing solders and fluxes are best to use with which metallic materials.

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The Best for the Best. Böhler Welding Electrodes.

23. Mai 2017

We offer electrodes for each type of steel. Choose from our portfolio “the Best for the Best”.

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Welcome to the Future of High-end Welding

22. Mai 2017

With the brand new laser-sealed seamless cored wires, fabricators have the ultimate precision tool for the most demanding of welding applications at their disposal. These advanced products perform at high levels of welding productivity and are extremely hydrogen safe, while the innovative fabrication technology and product concept enable superb characteristics for high duty cycle welding in mechanized and robotic applications.

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Böhler Welding Expert Guide for Seamless Cored Wires!

16. Mai 2017

The Expert Guide for welders is a useful help for welding applications with seamless cored wires.

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Video online: Electroslag Strip Cladding of Alloy 625 in a Single Layer

8. Mai 2017

voestalpine Böhler Welding adds a new dimension to the productivity of the electro slag strip cladding process (ESSC), with new solutions for the single layer cladding of Alloy 625.

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Seamless Cored Wires – The brochure with all information!

25. Abr 2017

Productive – Dependable – Hydrogen Safe. Engineered by the leading consumables developers. Strong European quality traditions, deep application knowledge and best-in-class welding consumables.

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SAW & ESW Strip Cladding Nozzles & Magnetic Steering Device

11. Abr 2017

A new updated and revised leaflet describing our different strip cladding nozzles and their spare parts lists is now available. The former SK 125 ES1 -300 cladding nozzle has been replaced by the SK 125 ES2-300 nozzle.

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Coating of stick electrodes

4. Abr 2017

All stick electrodes are not the same! Cellulose-coated stick electrodes, rutile-coated stick electrodes, basic-coated stick electrodes.

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Power sources for electric arc welding

28. Mar 2017

Which power sources can be used? Do you need expert advice? Our application engineers will be pleased to help you.

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Electric arc welding with stick electrodes

21. Mar 2017

Electric arc welding with stick electrodes is one of the oldest and most versatile welding processes. And it is also considered one of the simplest and safest methods.

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History of electric arc welding

14. Mar 2017

It all started 135 years ago…Electric arc welding with stick electrodes is still indispensable today, especially in steel and pipeline construction. Welding is relatively tolerant to material flaws. A major advantage: It can be used under all weather conditions, even under water.

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Seamless cored wires: A short overview

7. Mar 2017

Rutile, all positional wires; Basic, downhand wires; Metal-cored, all-positional wires. Download your Seamless Cored Wires brochure now!

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Welder's Diary on Facebook!

28. Fev 2017

We are starting our next game on Facebook:

Share your tip and win awesome prices!

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Stick electrodes: Welding Tips!

14. Fev 2017

Different coating concepts and different alloying of the electrodes and their application require an individual handling. Our Welding Academy offers professional, practical and customized training courses in welding & brazing!

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Seamless cored wires: Convincing Advantages

7. Fev 2017

Seamless cored wires for optimal protection against hydrogen induced cracking. Seamless cored wires for superior welding productivity. Seamless cored wires for excellent weldability and weld quality.

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DVS-TV at voestalpine Böhler Welding

31. Jan 2017

voestalpine Böhler Welding invited its customers to an exclusive event in Leoben at the end of November, where a new seamless cored wire was introduced. DVS-TV was there and was informed about all the advantages of the new seamless cored wire.

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Stick electrodes: How to select them?

24. Jan 2017

The selection of the stick electrodes depends primarily on the base material and the basic application to be welded. Find the right product for your needs in our product search!

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Seamless cored wires: Have you ever heard about them?

17. Jan 2017

They are flux cored wires with a seamless mantle. Böhler seamless cored wires are produced with very low levels of diffusible hydrogen – typically 2-3 ml/100g weld metal for rutile types and even lower for metal-cored and basic wires.

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Stick electrodes: Our Top 5 and their characteristics!

10. Jan 2017

BÖHLER FOX EV 50, BÖHLER FOX CEL, Thermanit MTS 3, BÖHLER FOX EAS 4 M-A, Avesta 2507/P100 rutile.

Do you need expert advice? Our application engineers will be pleased to help you.

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Parabéns aos vencedores de nossos concurso fotográfico no Facebook!

16. Dez 2016

Veja as fotos dos vencedores...

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Stick with the specialist.

13. Dez 2016

Even though guys want easy handling and smooth solutions.

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The best for the best. Perfect welders – perfect welds.

6. Dez 2016

Wherever and whatever I’ve to weld, the comprehensive Böhler Welding portfolio provides me the best stick electrodes for any of my challenges.

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voestalpine Böhler Welding is now on Facebook!

28. Nov 2016

Welcome the voestalpine Böhler Welding Facebook page and check out our news, tips and sweepstakes.

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Eficiência acrescida com o sistema de tambor de volume de arame

14. Jul 2016

Os arames de alta qualidade dos especialistas em materiais de soldadura da voestalpine Böhler Welding podem ser agora encomendados em tambores de cartão com uma capacidade nominal entre 250 e 500 kg para uma soldadura MIG/ MAG e UP eficiente em termos de custos. Os sistemas de volume de arame asseguram uma soldadura MIG/MAG e FCAW eficiente, evitando os tempos de parada para a troca do tambor, em especial em operações mecanizadas ou totalmente automatizadas.

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Böhler Dry System – Ready for Welding

14. Jul 2016

Elétrodos garantidamente secos e prontos a usar. O BÖHLER DRY SYSTEM é atualmente a alternativa mais eficiente para dispor de elétrodos “saídos do forno”, secos e prontos a usar diretamente da embalagem no ponto de solda – para processos controlados eliminando a necessidade de realizar processos desnecessários de nova secagem no local.

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Covered electrodes produced in the EU

14. Jul 2016

High quality covered electrodes designed to meet welding demands. Whatever materials you are welding – high strength, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant – or even for challenging applications such as welding under water, we offer the right covered electrode.

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