Services of voestalpine VAE  Logistics/JIT

A comprehensive service portfolio across the complete life cycle of our products completes our product range and guarantees maximum availability and performance of the systems at minimum expenditure.

Installation Support

For our turnouts, the service starts as soon as it leaves our factory.


Turnout Grinding

Regular grinding of rails in tracks and turnouts is a firm part of a holistic maintenance strategy.

Turnout Services

We focus on the overall maintenance of the turnout inclusive of signaling components and rails. 

  • Installation Support

    Who knows the turnout better than the manufacturer himself?

  • Logistics/JIT

    Innovative, modular structured turnout system elements establish a new era of turnout development – System Intelligence 

  • Turnout Grinding

    Holistic - economical - individual.

  • Turnout Services

    From planning to maintenance: service from one source.


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