Successful career through apprenticeship

Are you cool enough for us? Then head for a successful career through apprenticeship!

Why we train apprentices:

  • They are our future experts.
  • We need dedicated employees with special know-how.
  • Skilled workers are the most valuable asset of a company.
  • Because you deserve the opportunity to participate in our success. 

We want the best to be our employees – and excellent staff are best to be gotten by providing training on a TOP level. We, therefore, have confidence in the trifold system of apprenticeship. It consists of learning through doing in the workshop, an additional modular training in cooperation with the Training Centre in Fohnsdorf and thirdly, the vocational school which provides theoretical know-how. It is our goal to support and maintain this trifold training system.

As the education and advanced training of our own experts significantly contributes to the strengthening of our core competences, we shall continue to train apprentices according to our demand. Our HR department informs you about the types of apprentices required at our plants.

Have you set the course for your future?

If not, get yourself some information about possible training in one of the most successful companies of Austria.