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Special Grades & Premium Connections

The VA-Series of products are designed for special applications. They may or may not be addressed by the API-Specifications.

The VA-Series of products are designed for special applications. They may or may not be addressed by the API-Specifications. When the service application is addressed by an API grade, the VA-Series will exceed the API requirements. The practices available to achieve the stated goals include but are not limited to:

  • Steel with a special chemical composition
  • Special steel-making practices
  • Use of SPC during rolling and heat treatment
  • Reduced tolerances
  • Mechanical properties restricted to a more stringent range
  • Additional testing

Depending on the final use, appropriate processes are taken. 

H2S Service

  • VA-SS-75
  • VA-SS-80
  • VA-SS-90
  • VA-SS-95
  • VA-SS-110

H2S + CO2 Service

  • VA-FP-55 1Cr
  • VA-FP-70 1Cr
  • VA-FP-80 1Cr

High Collapse Service

  • VA-HC-55
  • VA-HC-80
  • VA-HC-90
  • VA-HC-95
  • VA-HC-110
  • VA-HC-125
  • VA-HC-130
  • VA-HC-140

Deep Well Service

  • VA-D-125
  • VA-D-130
  • VA-D-140
  • VA-D-150

Low Temperatur Service

  • VA-LT-55
  • VA-LT-80
  • VA-LT-95
  • VA-LT-110

Beside API standard thread connections voestalpine Tubulars produces premium connections for special applications.


VAroughneck® is the company’s latest development – a premium thread connection designed for rotated strings.


VAsuperior® is a proprietary thread connection designed to meet the ISO 13679, CAL IV specification. This product is intended to meet our customers' requirements for products which should meet the toughest conditions. 

VAGT® – voestalpine Gas Tight

VAGT® is a highly engineered gas tight connection with a metal to metal seal. It is used internationally in both onshore and offshore.
VAGT® - an excellent product for operators requiring an enhanced performance coupled connection with user friendly handling and running procedures. 

VAF – voestalpine Flush Joint

VAF is voestalpine Tubulars’ connection intended for slim hole applications. The flush O.D. design allows maximum clearance. The metal to metal seal ensures gas tightness and the hooked thread profile provides protection against thread jump out. 

DryTec® - The lubricant-free solution for Premium Connections

Currently available as:

  • VAGT-DryTec®
  • VAsuperior-DryTec®

Advantages of DryTec®:

  • Elimination of conventional lubricants
  • Minimizes failure potential (too much/ insufficient lubricant)
  • Saves installation time/ elimination of work steps/ easier handling
  • Improved make-up, even for multiple make-up
  • Make-up temperatures between +60°C and –60°C
  • Decreasing danger of contamination for the connection on site
  • Less pollution at the rig and in the well
  • Increased safety on-site
  • Corrosion protection during transport and storage
  • Reduced impact on the environment

VAxplorer® - for extreme torques, extended reach wells and rotation operations

VAxplorer is a  CAL IV Casing Connection with torque capability.

The most important highadvantages:

  • Thread design for high yield torque (for size 5-1/2” x 23 ppf P110 above 22000 ft•lbs)
  • 100% compression & tension efficiency
  • Successfully tested according to ISO13679:2002 CAL IV and API 5C5:2017
  • Finite Element Analyses of Make-up, Series A and Series B test
  • Gas sealability, also tested with bending and internal pressure

Other premium connections

To meet alternative customer requirements voestalpine Tubulars produces other proprietary connections under license agreements.

Details available on request.