During API checking, the pipes are weighed and measured. The pipes and couplings are stamped with identifying markings. Production, specification and order-related markings are paint stenciled along the body of the pipe.



length measuring device WALLICH & KRÖGER
length measuring device WALLICH & KRÖGER
pipe weighing equipment WALLICH & KRÖGER
radial die-stamping equipment WALLICH & KRÖGER
pipe stenciling equipment (REA-JET) WOLF SIGNIERTECHNIK

These systems apply a temporary corrosion- resistant coating to the outer surface of the pipes.

Technical data

manufacturer IPH-AUSTRIA
type Electrostatic application system
manufacturer VENJAKOB / IST
type Airmix coating application system for UV coating

Pipes are packaged in 2-4 ton bundles using up to 8 steel straps. Packaging data (e.g. weight, number of pipes) are printed on the bundle tags. The bundles are then sent to the shipping department.

Technical data

manufacturer IGEMA DUISBURG
straps steel
pipe length restrictions max 13300 mm (43.6 ft)
weight of bundles max. 4000 kg (4 mtons)