Stretch Reducing Mill

The mother tubes, which have been re-heated and descaled using a water blast, are deformed in a stretch-reducing mill with 28 stands, until they have the final desired diameter and wall thickness. Various controls ensure optimal yield of the mother tube and that the required tolerances are met. The wall thickness of the resulting tubes is checked along the entire length using radiometric equipment. The results of these inspections are output graphically and documented. Following cooling on 90-meter-long rake type cooling beds, the ends are cropped and the tubes are cut into processing lengths.

Technical data

manufacturer KOCKS
type group drive
drives / drive power 1 AC motor / 5,096 h.p.
1 DC motor / 1,207 h.p.
1 DC motor / 201 h.p.
max. infeed speed hollow 3.9 ft/sec
max. outfeed speed 27.2 ft/sec
max. number of stands 28
max. length of outgoing tube 525 ft (160 m)


Radiometric Wall Thickness Inspection

Technical data

manufacturer IMS
type isotope measuring system


Rake-Type Cooling Bed

Technical data

manufacturer KOCKS
length 90 m (295 ft)
width 20 m (66 ft)
capacity 160 tubes
drive hydraulic


Cold Saws

Technical data

manufacturer FRAMAG
type two-super-speed steel cold saws with carbon saw blades
blade diameter 1360 mm (4.5 ft)
layer width 900 mm (3.0 ft)

Depending on specification material is further processed in the OCTG Processing Plant or the Boiler Tube Plant. For information about these procedures, please click on one of the "go to-" Buttons below.