Non Destructive Testing

combined eddy-current test and flux leakage inspection

Technical data:

manufacturer: Institut Dr. FOERSTER and GE Inspection Technologies
type: Defectomat DS [ET]
Transomat TR 180 DS [ET]
Rotomat HS 180 DS [FT]
Laser OD measurement
Laser speed measurement
detection capabilities:

Longitudinal and transverse flaws on the outside and inside surface, wall thickness, laminations and leak test to replace the hydrostatic test.

ET= Eddy Current test
FT=Flux Leakage test
UT=Phased Arry technology

outside diameter range: 21.3 - 180 mm
(0.839-7.087 in)
wall thickness range: 2.6-20 mm
(0.102-0.787 in)
inspection speed: max. 2m/sec (6.6 ft/sec)