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New heat treatment line 2

27 March 2018 | 

In June 2017, the state-of-the-art heat treatment line for seamless steel tubes from voestalpine Tubulars in Kindberg went into operation. With a length of more than 100 meters, it extends over three hall bays and creates additional capacity. The new plant mainly processes industrial pipes, i.e. engineering and boiler pipes as well as hollows.

With a furnace room temperature of about 1,080 ° C, the new plant facilitates the possibility to produce new products and thus expand the product portfolio. This applies in particular to alloyed boiler tubes, such as the P22 or P5 grades

Technical data of the new heat treatment line

  • tube length: 6 - 14,60 m
  • dimensions: 60,3 - 273 mm
  • wall thickness: 4 - 30 mm
  • weight per tube 1.500 kg
  • weight per metre: 130 kg
  • production performance: 25 t/h