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API certificates for another 3 years - meeting minimum standards and far beyond

21 September 2020 | 

Our company has once again met all the requirements of API (American Pertroleum Institute) and received renewed certificates.

Renewal of API certificates

Every 3 years our company is examined by the American Petroleum Institute. API's mission is to promote the safety of the entire industry worldwide and support public policy. API sets standards and recommended practices. In 1982, shortly after the start of oilfield pipe production, we received the first API certificate.

In 3 years rhythm, we are closely monitored to ensure that our products and production meet the minimum standard. In June this year's review was successfully completed and we received the following certificates renewed:

  • API 5CT
  • API 5DP
  • API 5L

Download directly:

Far beyond the minimum standards

So we can meet all minimum standards for our OCTG pipes, but many products go far beyond that and cover many more criteria. Our premium threaded connections, for example, have passed various tests, some of them last longer, have a higher torque rating and increase safety.

Quality is the top priority for our products. Performance in tubulars.