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Safety and environmental compatibility

The automotive industry needs components that are stronger, more corrosion-resistant and more light-weight. Less weight means less fuel consumption. The innovative solutions of voestalpine make a strong contribution.

The light-weight voestalpine solutions provided by phs-ultraform® and phs-directform® reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as simultaneously increase passenger safety significantly. With their excellent corrosion resistance, the components are convincing in their longevity and economy efficiency.

High-quality crash performance Increased passenger safety is a central focus of research and development at voestalpine. The use of special technologies in steel strip production has led to increased ductility in hardened steel components. The components also feature improved crash performance. Expressed in the factor of bending angle, which was determined in a three-point bending test and a measure for bending deformation, this value has been increased by 10 to 30%.

In its environmental compatibility, voestalpine has also been exemplary. This begins with steel production and continues on through every subsequent process. The steelmaking plant in Linz is one of the most modern and environmentally compatible in the world. When steel finally reaches the end of its lifecycle after many years of service as a reliable component, it can be recycled immediately. Steel is up to 100% recyclable without compromising any quality. Sustainable and time-tested arguments that speak for the material as well as for voestalpine.

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