Service levels to help you round off your visit

Welcome easy // Welcome upper level

The Welcome service level in the advanced category for groups of 15 or more people offer just the right thing for every taste. Enjoy some coffee and cake in the Panorama Café while enjoying the views after a tour of the voestalpine Stahlwelt or a tour of the production facilities. If would like to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst, the best package for you would be Welcome Upper Level.

The advanced service level can be booked for groups of 15 or more people from Monday to Friday.

Welcome easy



Tour program

Additional culinary package also available

Price per person (with/without works tour)

Tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt, including or excluding a tour of the production facilities

1 Tasse Kaffee und 1 Stk. Kuchen

EUR 13.00 / 23.00


Welcome Upper Level



Tour program

zubuchbares kulinarisches Paket

Price per person (with/without works tour)

Tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt including/exclusing works tour

0.25 l apple juice or 0.33 l beer or 1 glass of prosecco and one canapé

EUR 14.00 / 24.00

When booking online, select the Welcome EASY or Welcome UPPER LEVEL check box to book the correct culinary package for your group. When booking by phone, please make sure to mention which package is best for you.

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