At the Geneva Motor Show with Rinspeed

The 18th International Geneva Motor Show took place from 6 to 18 March 2012. Roughly 150 world and European premiers gave roughly 700,000 visitors a unique glance into the future of the automobile. More than 11,000 journalists from 80 countries were there to report on the trends.

In cooperation with the Swiss prototype manufacturer Rinspeed, voestalpine presented the highly innovative phs-ultraform® in the form of a newly developed laser-welded car door design.

Unconventional door design

Based on a car door development project carried out ten years ago, voestalpine developed a new car door design that is different from conventional designs in that the interior door panel is on the outside. The design is also unique in that it incorporates phs-ultraform® made by voestalpine .

voestalpine is the first steel manufacturer capable of producing hot-dip galvanized material for directly processed parts requiring cathodic corrosion protection. The component is shaped and hardened in a single step. The biggest advantage of this process is the lower production costs, particularly those resulting from simpler geometries and lower numbers of units.

These two technical innovations, the door and the indirectly produced phs-ultraform® component, were presented jointly at the Geneva Motor Show by voestalpine and the Swiss prototype manufacturer Rinspeed in the specially designed Dock + Go car.

Not intended for structural components

Cooperation with Frank Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed, made it possible for voestalpine to show automotive manufacturers what is feasible from a customer-neutral perspective. The phs-ultraform® product made by voestalpine for the direct process is a true alternative to aluminum as far as weight savings is concerned. Aluminum has become very popular, especially in high-end cars.

phs-ultraform® – a brand for the future

phs-ultraform® parts are the future-oriented solution with respect to safety and corrosion resistance, including stiffeners, A and B columns, side panels, sills, tunnels and bulkheads. In addition to these conventional applications, phs-ultraform® is used increasingly in doors and hatches. phs-ultraform® has set new standards in car manufacturing.

phs-ultraform® technology makes an important contribution to the reduction of fuel consumption while significantly increasing passenger safety. In a future-oriented way, steel as a working material successfully meets the challenge posed by alternative materials such as aluminum and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics.

One step ahead

voestalpine is your partner from development to the finished product, providing software simulation of the entire process chain and the properties of the final component. With voestalpine as your partner, you are always a decisive step ahead in the area of light-weight design.