World premier in Linz

On Thursday, 2 October, a premiere was celebrated in front of the voestalpine Stahlwelt in Linz. The first ore-container block train, the so-called Rock Train, consisting of the new InnoWaggons and RockTainer ORE rail cars, a cooperation project between Innofreight, Rail Cargo and voestalpine, were presented for the first time.

Portfolio of railway services

In collaboration with voestalpine and Innofreight, the first rail show was kicked off on 2 October in the Stahlwelt in Linz. 100 exclusive guests enjoyed watching the presentation of the first ore-container block train, the so-called Rock Train, a project of Innofreight, Rail Cargo Group and voestalpine. The train is a milestone in the transport of mining loads and rings in a new generation of logistics.

Reason enough for a celebration of the train christening Hans-Jörg Kirchweger (voestalpine), Peter Wanek-Pusset (Managing Director of Innofreight) and Reinhard Bamberger (Member of the Management Board of Rail Cargo Group) assumed sponsorship and thus set a further important step in the successful collaboration between the three business partners.