The High-Tech Train: a railway car for the specialists of the future

A hands-on project

The High-Tech Train is a project for young people to get their younger schoolmates excited about technology and the natural sciences. For this purpose, a former dining car of the ÖBB, the Austrian Federal Railways, was converted to a research laboratory over the course of one and a half years.

Nowadays, children and teenagers are introduced to the fascinating world of science and technology mostly through books, movies, or the vast resources of the Internet. While educational, these forms of learning can't really satisfy the urge for conducting your own experiments. The High-Tech Train is meant to close this gap and was conceived by the Mechatronics Cluster of the business agency Business Upper Austria and its partners. With this project, they offer pupils the chance to actively engage with physical and chemical processes by way of experiments.

Learning as equals

The High-Tech Train challenges the next generation of specialists to conquer the exciting world of technology and science with their heads, hearts, and hands. The team behind the project employs a clear concept of letting seniors who are passionate about technology act as guides to their younger colleagues. Following the slogan "By pupils for pupils", the senior pupils will pass on their scientific curiosity to their eight- to twelve-year-old colleagues and guide them through the hands-on experience.

voestalpine has been an avid supporter of the High Tech Train since the very beginning. As such, the company not only acted as the first host for the so-called laboratory car, but also supports the project in terms of logistics, material, and expertise. For instance, several voestalpine apprentices are contributing to the final works on the converted railway car. The steel-structure specialists of voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH helped out by providing an individually constructed pedestal for secure deployment of the hands-on laboratory.