Steel analysis at the touch of a button

The Linz-Donawitz (LD) steelmaking process has been in operation since 1953 at the Linz production site of voestalpine. A complex process involving oxygen blowing for the production of high-quality steel is something in which the statisticians in the Steel Division are extremely interested.

It took one and a half years for a team of twelve members to develop an analysis tool that is intended to improve production quality. It was previously time-consuming and difficult to analyze the process data. Now that has changed. At the touch of a button, the engineers can now immediately see any deviations in the quality and react accordingly.

A total of roughly 150 different factors are taken into account in the analysis. Connections that were previously not understood can now be detected in the process data analysis. Data and trends can now be identified that have an effect on production.

The new development is yet another important building block in the continual improvement of products in the Steel Division of voestalpine.