Safe pipeline

A natural gas storage facility abandoned in 1997 in Conegliano, a village near Milan, Italy, is now being recommissioned. The gas will be transported in a roughly two-kilometer-long pipeline to the storage unit, which lies 1400 meters below ground. The facility is intended to expand Italy's storage capacity and make an essential contribution to the flexibility and safety of gas supply. In an effort to guarantee the highest environmental compatibility in the nearby residential area, the customer decided to construct the pipeline with heavy clad plates. Special demands on the plates included extremely high toughness in the base material, sufficient corrosion resistance in the coating and an indissoluble bond between the two layers. These requirements were met with a new coating developed in collaboration with our prematerial supplier, VDM Metals. The coating material used is called Alloy 624 (Alloy 625mod) and has been jointly registered for patent. The solution was well received by the customer, and an order was placed for roughly 1000 tons of roll-bonded clad plates (thickness of 35 mm). The plates will be formed and longitudinally welded into clad pipes with a diameter of 42 inches and shipped to the customer as a finished product, and the piping will ensure safety for the population in the region for years to come.