SCT 2017 Amsterdam

The SCT (Steels in Cars and Trucks) is one of the most important international conferences that focus on the topic of steel in in the field of mobility. Bringing manufacturers, suppliers and the steelmaking industry together is one of the main objectives. The program is highly condensed into five days and is filled with presentations and ample opportunities for the experts to exchange their ideas.

This year's motto was "Future trends in steel development, processing technologies and applications." In their selection of articles and publications, the event organizers placed a great deal of emphasis on innovative topics and technical content. A short note on the side: Freedom of advertising was also a criterion. voestalpine contributed highly esteemed presentations.

Steel has promise. Among all the presented novelties and individual innovations, one thing was very clear: Steel has promise. This is clearly shown by the continual increase in worldwide steel demand. Steel has a lot of potential as a responsible working material of the future. Just think about recyclability.
The biggest demand is found in the construction and automotive industries, even though the steel grades will be shifting to higher strengths in the automotive industry, a fact presented by event chairman Peter Dahlmann.

A selection of voestalpine speeches can be downloaded.

It is a very high-profile conference bringing manufacturers, suppliers, the steelmaking industry and scientific partners together, a fact underlined by the more than 400 attendees.
Franz M. Androsch, Senior Vice President in Research, Development and Innovation 
The event showed the close network between the automotive manufacturers, suppliers and the European steelmaking industry. It was an excellent opportunity for visitors to exchange ideas and inspire each other. 
Michaela Kraus, Product Management and Segment Marketing 
The decisive factor in the certification of newly developed steels for the automotive industry is their joining and welding properties. The SCT provides steel and auto makers with an exciting forum that involves them in further technical discussion.
Robert Sierlinger, International Welding Engineer