High-end business meets crack athletes

The Austrian ice hockey players focus on precision, flexibility and keeping a step ahead of the rest in every game they play. These are also very important aspects in the daily business of voestalpine.

Such similarities in the way goals are reached build the foundation for mutual cooperation. The idea of a portrait shoot was put forward, and the voestalpine Steel Division was happy to oblige.

Roughly 100 guests were invited to an exclusive presentation of the successful results. EHC Black Wings players along with their coaches and sponsors were all in attendance. 10 employees from the voestalpine Steel Division who were the winners in a drawing had also been invited.

Following a video presentation (see link) of the making of the calendar, the crack athletes gave autographs and chatted with the attendees.

By the way, the new calendar is available in the Black Wings fan shop and costs 15 euros.