From university to voestalpine

Every year, almost 90 university graduates start their professional career in the voestalpine Steel Division. voestalpine is a high-tech employer with international flavor that offers university graduates an attractive and interesting working environment.

Especially graduates in technical and science-oriented fields of study are in demand at voestalpine. They are the foundation for remaining "one step ahead" in international markets.

The spirit of excellence

Whether it be in engineering, research, sales or product management—employees need the appropriate foundation in order to be able to assume responsibility and deliver top-notch performance. The attractive and motivating working environment in the voestalpine Steel Division provides room for innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. Our employees also value the possibility for individual development and the spirit of collegiality that characterizes our every-day work.

A meaningful summer job

During the summer vacations, some 1,000 working students and summer interns work for us. We don't exploit our students for meaningless activities, but rather assign them to tasks within our processes that fit their interests and education. Many of them remain on board, either in the form of an interesting project, or as part of their thesis, dissertation or Master's thesis—some also stay with us after that.

Insights into the working environment at voestalpine

Take a look behind the scenes and watch our video introducing two university graduates who have found their professional future in the voestalpine Steel Division.