All about learning

Much in the voestalpine Steel Division over the next few weeks will be about future apprentices and existing apprenticeships.

Youth and Vocation fair

The training center of the voestalpine Steel Division will be represented in Wels at the Youth and Vocation fair to be held from 14 to 17 October 2015. The training center stand will provide an opportunity for interested parties to become informed about the apprenticeships offered at the Linz site of voestalpine.

Open house

The training center of the voestalpine Steel Division invites everyone who is interested to attend the open house on 24 October. Visitors can get a close-up look of the modern industrial workshop on this day. Selecting the right occupation is a way of setting the switches for a successful future, and it is an important decision to made when one is young. The open house can be a way to find out new information on the many different occupations that can you can learn during an apprenticeship.

ORF service tips

Apprentices and instructors from the voestalpine Steel Division will be introducing these vocations as service tips in ORF 2 from 14 October to 10 November. An in-depth look at four different occupations will be offered in a very personal way from the perspective of both an apprentice and an instructor.